Playguns Hancock Bar 2011 APHA Solid Blue Roan Gelding

Something fun to share. Sunday my girls and I went to SSHA cutting & sorting event, so we all to our quarter horses. Well, one friend was nervous to leave her saddlebred gelding at home alone (very smart), so I volunteered my 2 &1/2 year old Blue roan Hancock colt as a babysitter. Well, she lives down a mile long terrible dirt/mud driveway, so we parked the horse trailer at on the pavement at the top. I unloaded Lane ( my Hancocks name) and thought to myself - I'm gonna ride you bareback with a halter and lead cause I don't wanna walk. Mind you - I have sat on him 2 x and that is it, but we have done all the ground work possible. So, I jumped up on him - he stood perfectly still once he realized what was happening. As soon I I got settled in atop his strong back he gave me his right eye and said. - well, lets go. We jogged the smoothest most steady jog I've ever ridden in my life down that nasty muddy driveway and he did not break gate or falter one time. This was around 8 am. That night we got back from Lumberton at around 1am with the horses, so my friend and I jumped on her mare and rode the long driveway back to her place in the woods in the dark. As we rode up, both horses in the pasture ( Lane and the saddlebred - Zerah) were calmly eating hay. I pulled my Hancock out of the pasture, jumped on him and set off down the driveway with no lights. He never missed a beat & and never looked back. He is the beat horse I have ever had the pleasure of owning, an the best horse I have ever known. I was, to say the least, dumbfounded by his bravery - especially in the dark.


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