Contact Us!

Well if any of the horses on our site has interested you, please feel free to contact us and visit!
You can also contact us and see more pictures on our Facebook Page! It is under Hudson's Quarter Horses and Paints. Come join us there, often times we post more pictures of the horses that are on the website!

Our Home Phone Number is:
(304)-653-4426 (Mike)

(304)-653-4184 (Tiffany)
If not available, just leave a message with your name and number and we will get back to you ASAP. We all work during the weekdays.

Michael's Cell Phone: 304-651-4424

Tiffany's Cell Phone: 304-651-4426
Our Cell Phones do not work at the house, we have no service. We only have service at work! So, if you call one of these two numbers and we don't answer, just leave a voicemail or call the house number. Thanks!

Our Address is: (Our mailing address, as well as physical address). Often times GPS does not work for this address. Contact us for directions!
Please contact us for directions, but we are located:
Buckeye, WV 24924

We require a 25% deposit on any horse. The horse WILL be for sale until money is exchanged. The horse will NOT be taken off of the market until deposit money has been exchanged. Once deposit money has been exchanged, the horse will be taken off the market. We do expect you to pay in a timely manner. We also understand that you all have personal things going on in your life (we completely understand a hardship). We do however, expect you to communicate that with us so we know what is going on. If you no longer wish to purchase said horse, please be kind enough to inform us, do not leave us "hanging," without an answer. Either you want the horse or you don't, please have the courtesy to say, "yes please or no thank you." Our feelings will not be hurt if you change your mind. We will however be incredibly unhappy and frustrated if you do not bother to contact us again (I personally cannot tell you how frequently this happens and how frustrating this is). If at any point the foal injures itself, dies, etc, the deposit and any money put down on the horse will be refunded.  I will continue to post updates as we discuss them.


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