Payments & Procedures


Our primary goal at Hudson’s Quarter Horses and Paints is to be sure that all persons associated are happy with their decision to purchase one of our horses, as well as finding our horses a great home. We understand that buying a new horse(s) is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. We also understand it can be an even larger deal when you are buying a horse(s) over the internet, from someone you may not know, perhaps not even seeing the horse(s) in person before. We are ALWAYS willing to answer any questions you may have or take any pictures you may want. We want this to be a good experience for not only you, but for us. We are able to provide references from previous buyers.

Over the years we have learned from our experiences (both good and bad). We have discovered a few general rules when selling our horses that will make our experiences much easier and pleasant. Unless both parties have a contract that specifies otherwise, the following rules will apply to all of our horse sales:


Any horse that is listed for sale will require the full payment. If full payment cannot be made on the buying day, a non-refundable deposit, to hold the horse(s) (generally 20% of the sale price or $200, whichever is higher for foals). For horses that are weaned and ready to go, a 40% deposit must be put down in order to hold the horse. This is the required amount unless otherwise noted upon the buying of the horse(s) from both Hudson’s Quarter Horses and Paints and the buyer. All money that is put towards the horse is non-refundable. 

For all parties’ safety, we prefer to have a sale/purchase contract for all sales, although it is not required. The contract is required for any horse(s) that is sold that will be staying longer than 14 days or the buyer is making payments on said horse(s).

Whether or not a sales contract is made between all parties, our rules/procedures will remain the same. The procedures are as follows:


Any horse(s) is not considered reserved or sold until a deposit has been made, or sold unless the full price has been received and cleared by Hudson’s Quarter Horses and Paints.


ALL deposits are non-refundable and can hold the horse(s) for a short time period (this time is agreed upon by both Hudson’s Quarter Horses and Paints and the buyer), this will allow the buyer to arrange shipping and getting the horse(s) settled in its new home.

A contract is required if we are going to keep the horse(s) for a period of more than 14 days after receiving the deposit (this protects all parties involved). To make sure you have the best experience we can achieve, we will make sure that we answer all of your questions about any horse(s) on the farm that you may have. Pictures and videos are available upon request.


Foals: All of our foals are put on a routine deworming schedule. Foals are dewormed at 2 months of age and on a regular deworming regimen thereafter. We start giving the foals their vaccines (4-way) when the colts are castrated or at 8 months of age (whichever comes first). We also give a Rabies vaccination to all of our horses once a year. We will specify and have all the information available to each individual horse(s) upon request. Any other vaccines can be given if the buyer requests and at the buyer’s expense.


All of our foals are introduced to a halter and lead rope when they are born. The horses will be handled frequently and have the knowledge and ability to lead and have their feet picked up. It can be very difficult to not be able to catch a horse if it needs dewormed, doctored, trimmed, or vaccines, we understand that and try to make sure that all of our horses can be led, caught out in the field, loaded in a trailer and have their feet picked up.

Horses Sold:

Horses that are sold “as is at the time of the sale,” we are not responsible for illness of the horse, injuries, or other health issues that may arise after we sell a horse(s). PLEASE ask questions when buying any horse (whether it is from us or someone else). This ensures that you are comfortable with buying the horse. We will NEVER hide any known negatives about our horses because we want all persons to be satisfied with their new horse(s) and all of our horses to find the best home possible for them.

We will not be liable for future unwelcome happenings. If a few years from now a genetic condition from a bloodline are discovered that the horse(s) may possess, we do not offer any refunds. Other examples may apply. We are an open book, if any horse of ours has an issue we will let it be known. Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.


All foals that are sold during their first 4 months are generally registered by the time of weaning. If the foal is not registered (per request or otherwise), they will be sold with the breeders’ certificate and transfer paper. This allows for the buyer to assign their own name for their foal! If you would like the horse registered by the time it is picked up and would like to have a say in the name, please let us know so we can incorporate you on the decision making. It is a very exciting thing to be a part of when naming your foal!


We do not charge boarding for the 14 days following the purchase of a horse. We will provide the horse the care that all of our own receive until the horse can be picked up. After the 14 day period, a boarding fee may be started; this is unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. The boarding charge will depend on the age/gender of the purchased horse. For example, if you buy a foal, boarding will not start until after the time of weaning, other examples apply.

Death or Injury During Extended Board:

If buyer request that we keep the horse(s) longer than the 14 day purchase, please be made aware that if the horse(s) dies or is injured, you are liable for vet bills that may be present. We understand that a foal cannot leave the farm until at least 4 months of age.

-The reason for this is because we will stop pursuing the sale of the horse(s) once a deposit has been made. Please understand that we are doing the buyer a favor for allowing the horse(s) to stay on our farm to give the buyer more time to pay for their horse(s).

-The expense to us is that we are no longer able to sell the horse(s) to a potential buyer that would immediately take them to their new home.

-All payments that are made may not be refunded. If any foal were to die before it got a chance to leave the farm any money paid would be refunded, that is the only exception.

Payment Due Date:

Full payment is required at the time of sale. This means that all checks must be cleared prior to releasing the horse unless the buyer is bringing cash or a cashier’s check.

When buying a horse and making payments a payment schedule will be set up and agreed upon by both parties. We will try to help you anyway we can.

Sometimes, (very rarely, almost never) we consider trades. If you may have anything that fits our program please let us know all details of the horse and we will go from there.

Payment Methods Available:

Cash (Preferred).
Checks, Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders (with a 10 day period for checks to clear).
.Pay Pal

Other Expenses to Consider:

Pre-purchase exams are optional on all of our horses and we welcome it. This is done at the buyer’s expense. Please be aware we live in a rural area, so if the vet were to come out to the farm or if we were to haul the horse to the vet (~30 miles) additional charges are added.

Any additional color genetic or other testing is welcome and can be done at the buyer’s expense that has not already been done on the horse.

Coggins and health papers are at buyer’s expense and need to be obtained at least 14 days prior to transporting the horse (earlier the better). If the horse is being shipped by a commercial hauler, Coggins is necessary to transport. Sometimes, where we live, a Coggins test can take up to a week to 10 days, so the earlier you want to obtain a Coggins, the better and less stressful it will be on all parties involved.

If you postpone the transportation of a horse/foal, and if we have to obtain a new coggins/health paper, that will be at your expense.

Special health paperwork necessary for shipping out of the country is at the buyer's expense (usually, the quarantine station completes any special testing needed for export).

If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to email or give us a call!